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    I’ve been reading up on how to change the admin password on XP pro; nordahl-hagen’s utility seems to be the most popular, along with EBCD.
    i’m not computer-savvy…at ALL and the fact that my old EFS files might be unaccessible scares the hell outta me. now, i don’t even know if i have any of those, i can’t remember if i’ve encrypted anything.
    i want to try the service offered by loginrecovery.com , but i’m very apprehensive about the fact that they will have my information. has anyone used their service and if so, could you please give me some feedback?
    also, i saw somewhere that when booting into linux, if you type nt_pass that will somehow grant access? any thoughts on this?

    i’m running off of a knoppix cd…i <3 linux….i’m going to make the switch over if/when i get access back to my computer.

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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