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Handling incorrect credentials in a drive mapping .hta script

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    Our instructors need access to share drives when they’re in computer labs, but the labs log in as a generic lab user. So I’ve barely modified various scripts from around the web to create an .hta script that prompts a user for their credentials and then maps their network drives.

    It works well, except when the user enters their credentials incorrectly. If that happens, things just get ugly – unresponsive window, hanging, etc.

    Ideally what would happen is that the user would immediately get a prompt stating invalid username / password, and asked to reenter.

    Can anyone offer any ideas on how to modify this to make that happen? (Also, I modifed 2 URL’s in the script so I could post it here since I have less than 5 posts – in bold)

    Connect Network Drives

    Key Account







    Key Account







Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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