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    hello All

    I have been asked to set up a Guest Internet access for Visiter
    No logs for the netgear, It must be the switch, on the Vlan for guest vlan /25 This set manually. So i take it you need to use an ip address In that Range for port 41-47. Is that correct? So i used /25 for the AP Then enable dchp on the AP.

    Lan | DHCP/Bootp No
    Voip | Manual No
    Up Lan | Manual No
    Guest Internet | Manual No

    ip routing
    vlan 1
    name “Lan”
    untagged 1-12
    ip address dhcp-bootp
    tagged 48
    no untagged 13-47
    vlan 100
    name “Guest Internet”
    untagged 37-47
    ip address
    tagged 48
    vlan 20
    name “Voip”
    untagged 13-24
    ip address
    vlan 30
    name “up Lan”
    untagged 25-36
    ip address
    interface 40

    Do i need to add anything in the Guest Internet to access the network? Port 1-12 All seem to work nicely. I enable Ip routing at the begining of the config

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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