Group Policy Problems

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    i am playing with the idea of implementing GP, but having problems getting them to work,i am pretty new to the GP,and not upto scratch with them… i am at the moment running Virtual pc 2004 for testing, i have 2003 server as a dc active directory installed, running dhcp and dns, i have a member server, not configured yet, and i have an XP Pro client,, i have 3 groups and 3 ou’s in my testing domain CGCLEANING.COM, i am trying to implement a gp on a ou called sales, with a user in the ou, called don, he is a member of the sales group which is a member of the sales ou..
    ihave tried adding a gp but will not work when i log on the xp client as don, i the downloaded the gpmc and added a gp, specified the only users or group to be sales, and it still didnt work!!!
    Am i missing somthing really obvious or totally going the wrong way about it…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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