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    Hey guys,
    Here is my scenario. I have a user that moves from site to site between 2 different branches. He has been setup to use a batch file for a login script. This script maps the required network drives. The problem is this. How do I create a batch file for him to map certain drives for each site? He wont need mapped drives s: or y: at the main site, but he will need them at the remote site. And opposite when he goes to the remote site. He will only need drives n: and o:, not s: and y: This is confusing because his login script is only setup for him to use the remote site now. He needs to have all those drives available to him regardless of which site he is at. Here comes the other issue though. How will the batch file know what site he is at? If it doesnt know what network drives to use for his software at whichever site he is currently, then it will cross the wan link and take forever to reach the necessary software. I know this sounds confusing and trust me… it is, but I have to get this resolved somehow. The main site has Windows 2000 Server and the remote site uses Windows 2003 Server Standard. Both are AD replicated, however the master role is on the main site. I dont know if there is a way to basically prioritize which site is where he is going to be mapped or not. I havent found a way to do this. I mean I can create a batch file for him (a remote user script), but the problem is… where he logs in at. How is it going to realize what drives to use for his software? I cant have it cross the wan link to find the stuff he needs and that is whats occuring now. I can explain more if needed. Please suggest ideas. Thanks.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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