Group exists, or does it?

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    I have a global group that I am using to delegate permissions that allow
    users to manage group policies. The group is GP-ADMINS.

    I noticed the issue when I was working with Group Policy Management Console.
    The problem is that the group does not seem to exist. Notice I said “seem”.
    In the Group Policy Management Console, I go to any number of group policy
    objects, choose the delegation tab and then double click DOMAINGP-ADMINS.

    I get a dialog “The specified user does not exist”.

    So as a quick test, I tried to create the group to verify, thinking okay… it
    should let me created the group. When I try to create the group GP-ADMINS, I
    get a dialog “Windows cannot create the object PD-GPAdmins because: The
    specified group already exists”

    I have searched AD for the group; it is nowhere to be found. I thought I
    had a GC issue, so I removed GC roles from all DC’s, let things settle and
    brought them back to GC’s. This didn’t resolve it.

    I have 4 DC’s for this domain.
    Same site, plugged into the same switch. Replication is working fine.
    All DC’s are GC’s except the Infrastructure Master.

    If you know whats up, I would like to hear from you. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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