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    Kobe 310

    I have 2 DC’s both server 2016. 1 (1st)AT my location and 1 (2nd)at an offsite location. 1st DC primary DNS is pointed to loopback address, secondary is pointed to the 2nd one. The  2nd DC, i had primary as its own ip address, not loop back and secondary as the 1st DC. I  create all gpo’s on the 1st DC and they have always replicated to the other one another…..

    I had created a gpo for testing purposes, and it disappeared the  other day. i didn’t care about it so i moved on to the next test and created a 2nd gpo. i worked on it for a few days and just a half hour ago, i restarted the DC and the gpo i was working on disappeared, and the 1st one that was missing was back. So i logged in the offsite DC, and saw the one that i was working on was over there.

    So i restarted the 1st DC again, thinking it would switch back but it didn’t


    For trouble shooting purposes, if this means anything, didn’t think too much about it at the time, but when i would open up Group Policy, the tree on the left side used to open full, now it’s closed and i have to open the ou’s up to get to where i want to go. Also, sometime, when i select an ou, it says i don’t have permission. So i will select a different ou, go back to the ou that wouldn’t open and it will open.



    Any ideas,





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