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    Hello folks.

    I’m currently having some trouble with a gpo that I created on a windows 2008 domain controller. (the only one in the network)

    I made a GPO,
    linked it to a test-ou
    put a user (testuser) in the test-ou
    I set the security to apply only to this testuser.
    There is also a wmi filter to make it only work on vista.

    The actual settings of the gpo change some defaults in “folder options” and “start menu”
    ie: always showing hidden files, not hiding extentions, removing the pictures folder from the start menu etc.

    When I do logon with a laptop in the domain with this domain user (testuser)
    I can see that the gpo is applied using gpresult /v

    for testing, I removed the “folder options” via user configuration => policies => administrative templates => components => window explorer => Remove the folder options menu.
    And this is working, no folder options anymore in the control panel.

    But: the settings I put for the start menu etc. are not applied.

    Now this is a user configuration so I do have to apply this to a user, right? Anyway, applying the policy to a computer is not working either.

    bottomline: The gpo is applied but the settings in the start menu and folder options are not applied.

    What did I miss? Do I have to enable/disable a specific setting to get this to work? Do I need to install some fix on the client?

    thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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