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    I have a group policy that’s supposed to map some drives.
    The GPO is linked to the top of the OU and filtered to “all authenticated users”

    Under user configprefswindows settingsdrive maps, I have 3 drives that should map. T: and P: drive map “in user context” and S: Drive does not map in user context. The options are listed as “create” not update.

    On the laptops, (windows 7 or windows 8 ) logging on as any domain user (local/domain administrative user or not) I get both S: drive and T: Drive mapped correctly. P: Drive does not map.

    If I manually map P: Drive, it maps fine.

    If I log on to the domain controller, The P: Drive maps correctly.

    The P: Drive in question maps “\serverhomes$%userdata%”

    In the same GPO, under “user configprefswindows settingsfolders” there’s a rule to “create” path \serverhomes$%logonuser% – this also runs under user context.

    I’m wondering if I should have “update” for either of these two policy elements?

    I haven’t noted any errors in the event log relating to group policy..

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