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gpo for RDS users not applies

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    RDS 2012 farm in place.
    I created and linked a GPO (user settings only) to OU=RDS_deployment that hosts all RDS farm servers (Brokers, RDSHs, SQL).
    I expected that GPO will apply to any user accessing RDS, in my case by RemoteApp. But it not happens. I checked Resultant GPO for one of RDSH host with existing user name.
    I see that Domain policies are applied but not linked to RDS OU.
    More détails:
    I need to change Office 2013 language settings. In instructions (below) the settings are mentioned available in Computer and User Configuration. But there are no Language settings for Computer.
    So my logic saying that when using User Configuration it should affect every logged in user.
    I have some computer GPO that works fine for HOSTs.
    How to manage GPOs that should be applied to RDS users?
    Where I am wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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