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    I have setup a test Ad structure w2k dc and a w2k3 dc and two clients a w2k pro client and a xp pro client all machines can see and talk to each other. Here is the problem I am doing some group policy testing I have a domain local group with a global group as its member with the users in the global group, all text book stuff.

    So I go and setup a gpo setting with a desktop setting a program to run at setup, it works with authenticated users selected for applying group policy and the dlg with apply group policy, but not when you remove authenticated users. I have also setup another dlg with another gg as its member as before, and I have denied the new dlg the apply group policy permission but the policy is being applied, I am pulling my hair out here !!!!

    Many Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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