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    I am reading few documents now a days and also reading a chapter from windows 2008 book. It mentioned that group policies are evaluated in following order:
    1. OU
    2. Site
    3. Domain

    Thats mean GP on OU will process first than site one and than Domain.. right?

    Reading topic on this forum i found this:

    Working with Group Policy

    Local Policy > Site GPO > Domain GPO > OU GPO > Child OU GPO

    Thats means Site GPO will process first .. right?

    Two different statments if I am not wrong .. ?

    My problem:
    I have a OU with name New York and I have group policy York policy that contains proxy settings as automatic detect.

    Under New york OU i have servers OU and have a gpo York Server which contains proxy as manual and pointing it to a web address.

    When i am doing a gpresult the York Policy is winning and computers are taking automatic detect settings.

    After mentioned by Petri:

    The rule is simple, as more you get closer to the object that is being configured, the GPO is stronger.

    My manual proxy setting gpo is linked to the servers OU and closer to the computers which are under server OU but its not winning.

    All i want is that computers under York server should get manual address of proxy.

    I hope i explain it well but if not please let me know and i will try again.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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