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    Hello Petri gurus!

    I am the IT Manager of a small school, and I’ve run across an interesting problem. We use SonicWall for internet filtering and for the most part it works perfectly. However, I’ve noticed on thing I cannot block: A Google Image search. And we don’t want to fully block it anyway. Here’s the scenario! We’re K-8 and about 600 kids. They all log on to the domain as predefined users. What I mean is that the 60 kids in 8th grade all log on to the domain as “grade8”. All 60 7th graders log on as “grade7” and so on…

    I have roughly 300 PCs. If you go to and search for, let’s say, Jenna Jameson, you will get pictures of this naughty little minx… BUT you won’t get anything particularly pornographic. Dirty, yes, but not pornographic… However, if the searcher turns “SafeSearch” OFF, then all Hell breaks loose. And as far as I know, there is no way to prevent the kids from changing SafeSearch settings on a global, domain scale… I’d have to change the setting on every user profile on every PC and that is just not feasible. Furthermore, unless there’s a Google account in question, I can’t lock the change in setting anyway…

    So I started researching a solution and came across this:

    Unless someone knows of a better way, I think this is my solution. BUT there has got to be a better way than to simply tell our kids, “Don’t search from Google anymore, but rather go there.” C’mon, we all know they’re not going to listen, and there’s no way our teachers can police it all…

    So I thought of a GPO. Here’s my question… Can I create a GPO that affects the users of my choice (or a group or OU if I create one) and says that if that user is logged in and goes to they are automatically redirected to instead? Basically meaning that they now CAN’T perform a search from itself… How can I do that via GP? I’d like to restrict this only to students, not staff (gotta have faith that staff won’t do this sort of thing, but if they do, we’ll nail ’em for it).

    Make sense? I hope I’m explaining this well. Thanks in advance for your help!



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