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    I have a user in my GAL that is no longer valid. I removed the mailbox, however I cannot remove the user from the GAL. This user is also part of the domain address group ([email protected], the one that sends to all users). So whenever someone sends an email to all using that group, they receive an undeliverable response due to the one recipient not being valid anymore.

    I have tried removing that user from the GAL in outlook (as administrator), still no go.

    There are other users that I have removed mailboxes for and are still in this group, but do not cause undeliverable reports. Not sure where I went wrong with this user.

    Any ideas? Any good tools for modifying the Global Address List? I have read about Galmod32 but cannot find it on any of my SBS2003 disks… Is it available to SBS2003 users?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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