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    We are implementing Exchange Server 2007 using CCR across the WAN environment for one of our Enterprise customer.

    Before that we have to establish 2 node cluster using Microsoft Clustering Service, We have used a Transparent Bridged DSL connection for Consulters Private network in order to maintain same IP subnet in non routed mode across the WAN. The sites across WAN are connected using VPN link using Cisco Routers and PIX Firewall in routed mode, it mean that clients sitting of both locations can access each other across the VPN but they are configured using different IP subnets. Up to my study cluster can not be configured using different subnets on both nodes, both nodes has to be in same subnet using non routed network.

    Is there any way to configure geographically dispersed clusters using routed network while both nodes have different IP subnets.
    I am waiting for your response.

    Syed A. Wasay

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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