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    Hi, long time reader first time poster and all that! :)

    I have something strange (imo) i have been asked to do on the default GAL in an Exchange 2003 site for a client. It’s not something i have been asked before, but it’s something that sounds simple on the outset but not so straight forward when you get down to it.

    The site is a single Exchange 2003 SP2 Enterprise Forrest. There are 1500 members of staff. 100 of them are “special”.

    I’ll start with the 2 requirements. I’ll post them as they have been asked to me, i know they are a bit odd but bare with me.

    1). In the GAL, we do not want the users first name to show in the name field.

    So, as an example, a member of staff that has a name of Joe Bloggs currently shows as “Joe Bloggs” in the name field. We want it to show just as “Bloggs”.

    The user in Active Directory has the first name and the surname filled out. There are over 100 users that need to be changed to appear like this, so simply renaming one account is not an option. We want the AD account to remain as the full name. We want the other 1400 users to stay as standard (i.e it cant really be a global change – although if that’s the only option so be it).

    2) We have 1500 users that can see the default GAL. We want to hide 100 specific users (who are in a group) from the GAL view. However these 100 users should be able to see everything unrestricted, it’s just the 1400 others that cant see them.

    So change the names for 100 users only to show as Surname rather than First-name Surname, and hide 100 apart from themselves who should be able to see everyone.

    I have done a lot of looking in to this, but i cant see any clear answers to this. I know about the address list hide attribute in AD, but this will hide the user for all views – not just the other 1400 staff. Also, the naming format – i read the guide here about how to make SMTP addresses show, but it doesn’t really cover on changes to the name format. I know the name is taken from the displayname in AD, but i don’t want to have to rename the user. I can see its possible to swap First-name and Surnames’, but not to remove one.

    I read some guides about setting up exchange in a hosting fashion, that would allow me to split the users and give the 1400 and 100 separate address books etc, but this isn’t really what we want. It would also cause them to to easily be able to see each other, as you have to create a new Exchange organisation in AD with ADSIedit.

    I was looking at the ADmodify tool, and this seems to let you swap the name format and hide the users globally, but this wouldn’t achieve what i wanted.

    Any ideas!? :-( :shock: :idea:

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