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GAL download on Outlook 2010 from Exchange 2013

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    Did a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, then after 2 weeks went to Exchange 2013.
    Migration went well, few small bumps but overall nothing giving trouble or issues.

    End users/ clients and remote devices all connect either on LAN or over VPN to the Exchange server and all operate in online mode, so no data stored on local machines or iPads.
    Active Sync is configured for certificate authentication so mobile devices do not need username/ password.
    There is a non standard proxy config on site, but outside of my control.

    Test/ Demo machine worked well.
    Can add new users.

    Exchange 2013 BPA indicates that the default GAL is missing.
    Turned on cached mode on a Win 7 32Bit with Outlook 2010 and we were missing a user from the GAL but not from the All Users address list.
    Checked OWA/ Outlook Web App Exchange online new name thingy, new user is populating from the directory.

    Trying to download the GAL gives an error, apologies I think its error 0x80190197.

    Did some looking looking, regenerated GAL and OAB, updated both, no change.
    Tried Test-ExchangeServerHealth script and it fails on remote-mailflow.

    But overall the server is working, mail flow is working inbound and outbound.

    External urls are set the same as internal urls for web sites.

    Overall the site is heavily secured and locked down.
    Need time to arrange remote access, but I’ll be back on site in 2 to 3 weeks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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