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    Hey everyone,

    my name is tamir (originaly from givatayim) and i work in melbourne australia for an IT small business consultants company. this is my first post:

    we seem to have a weird problem with one of our clients. i tried to implement full text indexing for them and whenever I try to “delete full index” or “create new index” the exchange system manger simply halts and i have to end the task in order to get back to it. every single action (such as “pause”, “start”, “create new index”, “delete new index”) simply halts the application.

    also, it says it’s initializing all the time and says it indexed 0 documents (for the entire day now) although I’m using outlook clients and succeeding in searching for documents.

    Another very funny thing is that the tick box: “This index is currently available for searching by clients” is ticked off…. and i am performing an advanced search on the ms outlook clients which is supposed to be using the full text index as far as i’m aware of.

    I tried restarting the server. Tried restarting the information store service. No help. The only thing that (I think) got the index to be available for clients (with the tick box off god knows how it works) was by restarting the MS search service.

    Any ideas of what I can try next anyone?

    Thanks for your time.


    [email protected]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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