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    one of my customers has a very small workgroup, they are running a server 2003 machine as a file/print server. they asked my to setup an ftp site for them so their customers can put drawing straight on to their server. i’ve done this many times before so assumed it would be a 5 minute job, i setup the ftp site up with user isolation. it works fine if i turn on anonymous access and create a public folder under my ftp root.


    when i turn this off and try and login with local user accounts, it doesn’t work! i’ve created


    folders, and the ntfs permissions are correct. i’ve even run AccessEnum to double check. the error i get in the logs is

    User test failed to log on, could not access the home directory /.

    thanks for the help, i’m at a loss!

    thnaks again

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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