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    I have set up FTP access on my server. I have a username / password set up for logging in, and the access is read-only (MP3’s I have stored for some friends currently in Iraq). In checking my log files, I get what appears to be a bot attempting to login to the site.


    00:27:23 [3]USER adam 331 0
    00:27:23 [3]USER adam 331 0
    00:27:25 [3]PASS – 530 1326
    00:27:27 [3]USER adam 331 0
    00:27:29 [4]USER adam 331 0
    00:27:29 [4]USER adam 331 0
    00:27:31 [4]PASS – 530 1326

    In doing an WHOIS search, I can see it’s someone in Asia, most likely a hacker. What can I do to restrict this? I can see that they get access, and slow down my system quite a bit. Short of blocking each IP individually, is there an option?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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