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fsmo roles problem

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    I have a new network with some problems.
    I dont know the history so all I can do is look at the current problems.

    The situation:
    3 DC who are also GC.
    lets call them server1, server2, server3.
    server 1 and server2 also have exchange installed.
    server1 and server2 I can locate physically and I can also ping them.
    server3 i cannot locate physically or ping.

    Server1 should be the main Server. Server2 is only up because there’s an app on it thats still used.
    There is no need to have AD or exchange on server2.

    A strange thing I notice.
    If I check the FSMO roles on server1:
    All roles except the domain naming master are for Server1
    server 2 has the domain naming master role.
    So I try transfering the role to Server1 (in the AD domains and trusts)
    But there I get the message that the current domain name master is offline and I cannot transfer the role.

    If I check the FSMO roles on server2:
    Server1 has: schema owner, RID Pool Manager
    Server2 has: domain role owner, PDC role, infrastructure owner
    If I try to transfer here it says:
    Rid:error on the operation masters
    schema master is server1 but it says server1 is offline

    extra info:
    Server1 has the DHCP and DNS role active. clients get server1 as DNS
    Server2 also has the dns role but the DNS service is disabled.

    Anyone can help me out here?
    How can I bring all FSMO roles to Server1 and safely take out server 2 concerning AD and exchange?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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