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    I am the sysadmin for a nearly 100% virtualized environment. I have a piece of software that we are moving to a server OS, as it was originally installed on windows 7, 32 bit. This piece of software recommends the use of a RAM Disk for some of it’s files. On our Win7 machine, 2 GB of the RAM is dedicated to this purpose, leaving 1 Gb for processing. < LINK REMOVED>

    My new servers are w2k8 r2, 12gb ram. I’ve installed a 4GB ram disk. The performance is significantly slower. it’s terrible. It’s taking 4 times longer on the server edition then on the OS edition. I even increased the RAM disk to 14 gb (upped the ram to 16gb), to allow us to install the entire piece of software, and the files that are being read, to the ram disk. It’s performing better, but it’s still drastically declined. < LINK REMOVED>

    I’m at a complete loss as to why this isn’t performing better. It was suggested by the vendor that it was AV, but our new server didn’t hav AV turned on during initial tests, and we are running a virtualized AV.< LINK REMOVED>
    I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m super limited hardware wise as to what I can throw at this system, and i’m completely out of ideas on why this is sucking so bad. help.

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