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    Hi folks,

    We have an unusual one here. We have migrated a server from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, new hardware and all. Twice now we have had the server lock up and have trouble rebooting.

    The only pattern I can see is event 13559 in the NTFRS log:

    The File Replication Service has detected that the replica root path has changed from “c:windowssysvoldomain” to “c:windowssysvoldomain”. If this is an intentional move then a file with the name NTFRS_CMD_FILE_MOVE_ROOT needs to be created under the new root path.
    This was detected for the following replica set:

    As you can see, the path has not changed. This message will appear every few days and then the server will become unresponsive. The mouse moves on the screen and you can try to log in, but once you have done that very little else happens. Exchange cannot be accessed from Outlook, file shares go away but DNS forwarding appears to still work as the Internet is OK on PCs.

    The first time, we created the move file and restarted FRS. That moved all the policies out of the folder so we had to put them back in. Two days later the server locked up and it took a few reboots before the server would start up properly.

    Today, we did not do the same. First we tried a reboot (forced power off, push power button back on) which failed. When starting up we had some network connectivity appear during “Applying omputer Settings” but that changed to “Default Domain Controllers Policy”. When that appeared on screen the server was unresponsive and like before the PCs had nothing but an Internet connection.

    It stayed this way for an hour. Second reboot was a forced power off with the addition of removing the power cable for a bit before starting the server back up. The server then started up fine and event 13559 is no longer being logged

    The server is a HP ML350 G6 with ample resources, a recent Proliant Support Pack and MS Updates to a month or so ago. We have other pretty much identical servers out there without issue. The main difference here is that this server runs Kaspersky with Mozy online backup software. We normally use Trend Worry Free Business Standard.

    Any suggestions where to start folks? Right now I have no cause at all and nothing other than event ID 13559 being logged which I believe is more a sympton than a cause.

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