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    We have an Exchange 2003 Exchange organisation and use Outlook 2010. We have many complaints that the free/busy information is so slow. When opening someones calendar or resource calendar it can take more than a minute before it shows. Also booking a resource, hangs Outlook for like 30 seconds before it is succesfully done!
    Are there any tips or things to look at to increase this performance? Outlook /cleanfreebusy works for the clients, works a bit. But what can I do to generate overall performance improvements?
    If I look at the Public Folders at the schedule+ free busy folder, there are like 15 subfolders with old administrative groups as well. Folder names like EX:/o=companyname/ou=xxxxx wheren xxxxx is the administrative groups I think. I think, since I am new at this organisation and I am quite new in public folders and free/busy. These look like old inactive administrative groups, since some of them are still in use and others I cannot find. How can I determine whether they still point to an active administrative Exchange group?
    Or if I delete them, what could happen? Can I lose data here and can I easily restore this information or even beter, can I rebuild this free/busy information?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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