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    James Haynes

    i have a few domains that are used to publish webpages to the public… several of them are just to hold the suffix (.net, .org, ect)

    right now, when i open an internet explorer window and type ‘’ i get the search crap…

    if i type, i get to the proper page.

    what i would like to accomplish is just being able to type ‘’ and have that open ‘’…

    on my page, i have the host record pointing to the public facing IP for the webserver, and it works.

    so on the “value-added services” i have a check box on the “Redirect my domain to an existing URL” and the URL ‘’ in the checkbox…

    am i missing the point? (i think i am… )or do i just need to wait until DNS propagates?
    or is this an IIS configuration issue? do i need the webserver to respond to ‘’?

    sorry for my confusion… i dont manage this d00ds webservers, just the domain registration.

    thanks for the help guys,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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