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    This is going to get complicated so please bear with me :)

    We have 2 internet connections for load balancingfailover as below:

    192.168.0.X – LAN IP Range 1
    Static on WAN 2 PORT of Draytek which connects to Netgear below.

    192.168.1.X – LAN IP Range 2
    Only client is Draytek.

    If I setup a rule to forward say FTP from Internet connection 2 to the FTP server which is on LAN IP range 1 all is fine and I can connect from Internet connection 2.

    The rule looks like – IC 2 -> Forward to (WAN 2 on Draytek) -> Draytek forward to ftp server on 192.168.0.X range.

    Now if I want to replace the Draytek and put a TL-ER6120 in this wont work. The TL-ER6120 has dual WAN capabilities and I plug the Netgear into the WAN port just like it was in the Draytek.

    Any ideas why this is? Im guessing its a switch issue built into the devices and the Draytek manages it differently?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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