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    Hi all,

    We recently setup our phone system so that it will receive our faxes and then route them to the e-mail address ‘[email protected]’. Now, I also setup exchange so that it will immediately forward any message that hits that fax address directly to an Exchange Public Folder called “Faxes”. Works great.

    My question is, once the message arrives in that public folder, I would also like it to forward to one of our users addresses so she knows that there is something in that folder. I tried messing around with that public folders ‘Folder Assistant’ properties to create a rule so that any messages that arrive from ‘[email protected]’ will forward to this particular user. For some reason, it never seems to forward.

    Should this work? Is there an easier way to accomploish what i am doing???

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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