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    I’ve been attempting to follow the article that this thread is named after but ive encountered a problem. Step 11 says that all you have to do is type net user administrator 123456 and the password will be set to 123456, however every time i attempt this windows says

    System error 5 has occurred.

    Access is denied.

    I unfortunately dont know where to go to find out what system error 5 is, not that im even certain that would allow me to correct the problem on my own.
    any help with this problem would be appreciated as i really need to get my girlfriends computer operational again.
    I did attempt the password reset utilities however her floppy drive doesnt work (apparently she tried purchasing and installing a new one when the problem initally occured, with no success) and even with the bios set to boot from the cdrom drive first it doesnt boot off of the recovery utility on a cd (i tested the disc in my computer and it worked fine).
    Once again, thanks for any help you can offer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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