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    Hey I got a big computer problem my mom who is the admin of are computer forgot the password to her account & can’t seem to remember it at first I didn’t really care much b/c it didn’t effect me however recently I downloaded a brand new computer game that I really wanna play and it won’t let me unless I’m an admin I’m 17 years old, but my mom refuses to give me any admin power b/c she doesn’t trust me anyways the poiunt is my mom lost her password for are computer and can’t get on she needs to be able to get omn so she can regain control of the computer..we tryed a system restore, but it won’t work since I’m on a limited account & we can’t even restart the whole computer..we have a e-machines computer running on Windows XP & I was wondering if someone could help my mom regain her password? (& if possible be able to have her regain it without having to restart the computer & losing everything since I have some very important files on their that I need and can’t be recovered or saved onto a disk b/c they are too large) I tried going to: but it didn’t help much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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