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    This morning one of our staff reported that this message was displayed when he switched his PC on (a Dell Optiplex 330, XP SP3, AD Domain). The PC is 5 years old. We don’t boot from the network at all.

    I ran the BIOS setup utility and everything is OK.

    I had a job getting it to display the Boot Menu (F12) but when it came up the boot sequence was correct. However, when in the Boot Menu, the keyboard was not responding (but it had been fine in the BIOS Setup).

    I switched the keyboard from the rear USB to the front and the system started normally.

    The person who uses this machine works in a gritty, dusty environment. He goes through keyboards quite quickly (they last for a few months). I cleaned out his PC with compressed air to remove the dust bunnies and after putting everything back together plugged the keyboard back into the rear USB socket.

    The PC is working normally again.

    Any ideas why this happened? I’ve had a search but the results were uninspiring. Can a dodgy keyboard/connection result in an attempt to force it to try to boot from the network? I’ve never had to setup a PC to boot from the network so have no knowledge about this at all.


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