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    Is there a way to make Snipping Tool save to a predefined every time it’s used? The user should be able to change the location via the Save As option, but every time a new snap is taken it should default back to the predefined location.
    From what i noticed the 1st time i open Snipping Tool, the default save location is “C:UsersPublicPictures”. But after i save a screenshot to a different location the program remembers that last location used. But if i delete the last location used (for example i create a folder, save to it and then delete/rename that folder) then Snipping Tools reverts back to the default save location next time i use it. So that initial default save location is stored somewhere, since Snipping tool knows to revert back to it, but i just can’t find where is stored :(. I did a Systracer when saving a screenshot, but i could not find anything relevant in the files or registries :(

    This behavior needs to happen on both W7 and W10, but i don’t think it makes sense to open the same topic in the Windows 7 sub-forum :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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