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    We have a mix of Windows 7 clients and XP I have setup folder redirection within group policy for the XP users and left the 7 users as is. Im now planning on sorting the 7 users but have hit a bit of a hurdle. If I have a user which previously was using the XP redirection and has also then logged into a 7 box the redirection doesnt seem to work – fair enough. So I deleted the user profile and then logged in to the 7 box and edited the registry to point to the network location for the users desktopfav’spics etc using the shell folders but it doesnt work.

    The OU that the user is in doesnt have any redirects via group policy to conflict with – so I am a little confuzzled. Just trying to test via the reg rather than using GPO’s for the time being until I am happy with the setup. The server is an SBS 2008 box – not that should make a difference?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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