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    i’ve never had much luck with getting folder redirection to work.

    at the moment, i’m stuck with this error:

    Event ID: 101

    User: username

    Computer: computername

    Failed to perform redirection of folder foldername. The new directories for the redirected folder could not be created. The folder is configured to be redirected to \servernamesharename%username%, the final expanded path was \servernamesharenameusername. The following error occurred:
    Access is denied.

    i followed the instructions to set permissions outlined here:

    with one change. instead of setting persmissions for “everyone” i set them for the domain users.

    personally, “everyone” seems a little too unrestrictive.

    as for the location of the redirects, they are being set to a DFS location that is setup between two servers. i’ve set up permissions on each local share that is part of this DFS setup, as well as the DFS root directory (which were matched anyways).

    this is very frustrating. so any any all help will be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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