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    We have Windows 7 Enterprise clients all on a domain and connected to a Windows 2008 AD network but using a 2003 File server for all home areas.

    We seem to be having a problem with certain clients only that when a user logs in it presents their home directory but they are not able to access it. It comes up with a message saying an error occured. All other shares work fine. When I run RSOP on the machine it says that folder redirection could not complete this function.

    I also see lots of error messages on that machine which says it was not able to perform folder redirection on all the file folders e.g. desktop, appdata, movies, music etc

    It only seems to be affecting our students, If an admin or staff member logs in, the folder redirection works fine. It doesnt work on any student account.

    I have also tried to clear all the accounts on the workstation and deleting the profiles in the registry by going to regedit, HKLM, microsoft, software, Windows NT, current version, Profile list and deleting any inactive profiles. I have reapplied the persmissions on the students home directory as well and this hasnt solved it either.

    Can anyone help?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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