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    I have a small AD network with 4 servers and I’m using folder redirection via a policy to the user’s home folder. This works great for all the existing client logins however I’ve created 4 new user accounts and they are all getting the same errors when attempting Folder Redirection;

    [15596] Folder Redirection
    Type: ERROR
    Computer: PC08
    Time: 7/3/2006 8:45:06 AM ID: 112
    User: DOMAINxxxxxx
    Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents.

    The files for the redirected folder could not be moved to the new location.

    The folder is configured to be redirected to < \%HOMESHAREThe security descriptor structure is invalid. HOMEPATH%>. Files were being moved from to < \server01usersxxxxxx>.

    The following error occurred while copying to < \server01usersxxxxxxWord Document.doc>:

    The security descriptor structure is invalid.

    I verified rights to the home folder and those new accounts have the exact same rights as accounts created before I took over this position. This only happens with newly created accounts. The only item that comes to mind is that these 4 new accounts the folder was created by me via Explorer. Not by the MMC under profile. However, I did make certain that the rights were identical on these new home folders compared to older user account folders.

    To me it sounds like I’m missing something obviously rights related. Any clues on what might be happening here?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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