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    Greetings, I have the following setup.

    Windows SBS 2008 Running as a guest in HyperV, a drive attatched via ISCSI that serves as the drive to host the users redirected folders. It is working fine and users are able to get desktop and documents without a problem.

    What I am trying to do is move this redirection from one drive letter to another.

    I created a new FIXED VHD File of 80gb and gave it a drive letter of U: booted into SBS08 and formatted the drive, all went well and the drive can be seen.

    THe existing users redirected folder is on the F drive “connected via ISCSI on our SAN” I tried running the SBS08 Wizard to move the redirected users folders and get a verbose error telling me that SBS08 no longer knows where this data is stored, it says that the drive letter may have changed, users may be accessing files, this can occur if you have moved the users redirected documents folder, changed the drive letter etc.

    To my knowledge the drive letter has not changed, all users are logged off of the system, and we have not moved the data other than its initial setup to this drive letter on initial install of the SBS08 server.

    At this point I am baffled and am in need of some help. Any you can give would be greatly appreciated :)

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