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    Need some help..

    I am currently expanding my Terminal Servers from 1 to X and I want to move the mydocuments, etc to a central location (without bloating space on both machines)

    I have a default GPO and a EXTREMELY SIMPLE version of the GPO just for my test server.

    My test is setup as: Temp OU (not inheriting any Policy) with a new GPO..

    The new GPO simply has Folder redirection turned on and nothing else inside of it.

    I have created the Share folder as \blahblahFolderRedirection and configured the share as “Everyone FULL, Domain Admins FULL” and Security the same.
    — I have set this several ways from reading articles.. etc

    I also remove exclusive rights on Redirection

    I log in to my test server and run rsop.msc and the folder redirection is not listed. I can add random rules and they will show after a gpupdate /force. I have rebooted several times and have never received a message in any event logs. ** This leads me to believe this is my real issue..

    Please help before all my hair goes grey… ;)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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