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    Hi, as you know I need some help. I have in the past had access issues with 2000/XP/Vista units, thru the articles like i have always gotten it resolved.

    But this is perplexing me.
    The daycare that my son attends asked me to help them get into their Server, it is a Dell SC420 loaded with Windows Server 2003 Standard. that is all i can tell from the boot process. The individual that used to manage the PC has passed on and the PW that they have for it will not work.

    I have tried several free PW programs and all the article on Pertri. All the programs report either the blanking of the PW or changing the PW to a new PW of my choice. After rebooting I re ran the PW programs to confirm that they had indeed been changed. In fact i used [email protected] to change it and rebooted to NTPassword and confirmed that it HAD been replaced.

    Problem is that I still can not log into the server. Always it says it is the wrong Password.

    I am not expierenced enough to understand the differance between active directory or domain controller but i tried all artcles to be safe, and failed.

    Is it possible that the isue lies in the fact that it has a software RAID Array?
    At lease I think it is software as there is no HD Controller card on the Dell pc.

    Any guidence would be eternally appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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