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    Hey guys,

    One of our clients is getting rid of their temp IT guy to transition to another IT resource. The client wants us to make sure that everything is secure and that we make sure that he does not have any way of getting in. Here is a mental list of things that I know needs to happen:

    1. Remove LogMeIn or similar program from his machine.
    2. Make sure no one else has LogMeIn installed or make sure they change the access code to their account.
    3. Change the password for any VPN tunnels
    4. Change the Admin password
    5. Disable his account
    6. Look for other accounts that have admin rights and disable those
    7. Update Services that rely on admin accounts

    I need to make sure we do not lose any functionality when we change the admin password (services not starting, databases not connecting, etc).

    Does it seem like I am missing any other details?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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