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    did a little searching, but cant seem to find an answer. I do not run my own E2003 server, it is hosted so i am not completely familiar with all the settings and configurations that can be implemented.

    I always like to check with third parties, as well as our server hosts, since sometimes hosts either take the lazy way and say “nope” or make you pay for some third party app that you may not really need just so they charge extra every month.

    I am trying to find a way to filter mail, preferably without a third-party app.

    we have been running into an issue lately where spammers send email that the average user believe comes from our domain “[email protected]” and of course it is spam.

    obviously in any client can be set to specify the “from” address and spoof emails.

    is there a way E2003 to specify all mail that passes thru with *” have to authenticate with our server?


    1.mail comes from “[email protected]
    2.server checks originating IP and sees it came from “” and delivers

    else sees unknown IP/source and rejects back to sender with error (smtp?)

    knowing that most home ISPs block outgoing mail (on port 25 though) unless it comes from their own domain i would believe this is completely possible. the only question is can it be done without using a 3rd party app?

    Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this issue.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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