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    Since MS will cease to support XP in April 2014 I have been obliged to install Win 7 in at least this main PC, so I have struggling with understanding all the ‘ nerdy ‘ MS changes from dear old XP. Mind you since I have friends who NEVER accept any XP updates, and never seem to come to any harm, one cannot help being sceptical of the dangers of running XP long after MS refuse to support it. After all presumably it is a full paid up antivirus that should be mainly responsible for protecting you, not MS continually tinkering with Windows.

    The one thing I find most baffling and even amusing is the strange File Sorting. When you now opt for files in a folder by Type with Win 7, instead of logically just displaying the same files in a new order like XP, some silly nerd has arranged for umpteen others to show. Likewise if you opt for a sort by Date Modified, a vast list shows going back days, instead of the current files.

    So to see a sensible current list we are obliged to only use sort by Folder; or is there some secret way of forcing Win 7 to ONLY show the same current files whatever sort is used?

    Another strange problem is again unlike XP, this Win 7 refuses to allow me to add ( pin ) a link to a folder to the bottom taskbar. It claims it has pinned the link, but no such Icon displays.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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