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    I have a router to broadband DSL. At other side of the router are two xp pro sp2 PCs, one (“A”) is English xp pro and the other (“B”) is Chinese xp pro. Both PCs can access Internet for surfing and playing games. They can ping each other and can see (win explorer) each others shared folders. They have the same use names and passwords.

    Now the problem: A can browse and copy files and subfolders shared out by B. But B can only see the shared folder of A. When I use B to click on any of A’s subfolders in win explorer, it took ages to respond. Sometimes it eventually listed out the content, sometimes it just stopped with message saying some kind of name could not be found.

    I’ve tried connecting with computer names and IP (auto from DHCP of the router), drive mapping and \nameshare, with and without NetBIOS enabled. But still the same problem. I have check the LAN Connection Properties of both PCs. They are exactly the same except that A has ICS installed but disabled while B doesn’t install ICS, which I think is irrelevant. Can anybody help me on this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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