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    I have a new Windows Server 2012 R2 file server we migrated to in the last week and we will call FileServer1 with an IP of We are running DNS on a 2012 R2 Server Domain Controller we will call DomainController1 on IP We also have a 2nd DNS Server on a 2012 R2 Server called DomainController2 on IP

    The problem presents itself when I add a static A record to the domain.local directory for FileServer1 ( When I have “Create a PTR Record” checked, it automatically creates a PTR record in the proper reverse lookup zone, and gives it the incorrect name: (same as parent folder) instead of as stated in the static A record just entered.

    My DC’s are listed correctly this way. We have not ever had this problem before. I have browsed all the _msdcs folder hierarchy looking for or FS1 and it is nowhere to be seen.

    I discovered this when we were (and still are) having a separate problem with an application that accesses files via an alias with this FileServer1. The PTR record could potentially be the cause of the other problem. That being said everything else seems to be working for FileServer1.

    So the question is: Why does FileServer1 incorrectly register as (same as parent folder) when it is not a DC or name server?

    I am not an active directory expert and wondering is there any other place to check for this?

    Thanks in advance, it is driving me crazy!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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