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    Hi people.

    I have this scenario:

    The main office with a Windows 2008 file server with a dedicated 8MB link to the Internet, and eight branch offices with no server and no more than ten Windows XP workstations and a 1MB ADSL link to the Internet.

    Currently, the 2K8 server is only serving the main office, there’s no domain or connectivity between any branch office and main office.

    People in each branch office either save documents locally in their workstations, or in a shared folder on another local workstation.

    What I want, is to promote the main office 2K8 to a domain controller, and have the XP branch workstations join the domain on the main office 2K8. So, do I need a dedicated link between offices, or can I setup a VPN?

    The other thing that I want on each branch office, is to setup only one XP workstation (or perhaps a 2K8 server, but it will be more difficult because of license costs) with a shared folder available to the local lan (serving the other local XP workstations). Then, have all files on that shared folder, copied over the WAN when there’s any change or the file is new (either dedicated link or VPN?), to the main office 2K8.

    I want the files to be copied over to the main office, so it can all be backup up using our tape library.

    Is this feasible?

    Do you do this with DFS replication?

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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