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    I have a desktop and a laptop wirelessly linked in a LAN by means of a ZyXEL DSL modem which is bridged to a Wireless Linksys WRT54GS router.

    The desktop is linked from its NIC Card by ethernet cable to the router and the laptop is wirelessly linked to the router.

    Both machines have XP-Pro and both are in the same workgroup – named WORKGROUP.

    Both machines have AVG a/v and Zone Alarm firewall.

    Both machines are set to to “obtain an IP address automatically” and have the following addresses respectively :-

    laptop;- 192.168. 1.101

    The desktop has the name “Dtop” and the laptop the name “ltop”

    I can access the Web both by Ethernet and the laptop is able to access the Web wirelessly.

    When , on the dtop, I click on Network Places> and go all the way through to Workgroup I can see both machines and am able to access all shared folders.

    However , if I do this from the ltop , it hangs in Workgroup and neither “dtop” or “ltop” is “seen”

    If , on the dtop in a cmd prompt I ping “ltop” I get “could not find host ltop”
    Pinging “” is however OK.

    Pinging from the ltop is OK using either the IP numbers or the name “dtop”

    Can anyone suggest why the LAN cannot “see” either machines from the laptop – why does it stick at “Workgroup” in this direction?

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