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    Hello all,
    I recently took over the role of administering a small network, consisting of a single Win2K8 server configured as a DC/DNS and several member servers and clients machines.

    The problem I’m experiencing is that no machine can successfuly resolve external domain names (by pinging the name) but pinging external IPs work fine which means this is not a routing problem.

    The DNS server was originally configured with OpenDNS as forwarders. My attempt to use other DNS servers instead didn’t help. Removing the forwarders altogether in an attempt to use the root hints didn’t help either.

    The DC is correctly configured to its own IP for a DNS server in TCP/IP settings.
    Other machines are also configured to use the DC’s IP as DNS.

    The whole network is behind a pfSense firewall, which is also configured to forward DNS queries to OpenDNS’s servers using dnsmasq.

    The strange thing is that if a machine is configured to query the pfSense’s DNS the query succeeds, leaving me with the impression that this is merely a misconfiguration of the DNS.

    I would appreciate any help in helping me resolve this matter and will gladly provide more information.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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