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    I created 6 new WS2016 server in a failover cluster, with Hyper-v.

    All servers are built the same, 4gb ram, 125gb hdd.

    Now 4 servers I used my Virtual Switch manager to manage the NIC, with VLAN ID enabled, and changed VLAN Identifier from 2 to 100, all boot up snag a DHCP address and fully patched, then I add them to the domain and give them a proper IP address all good.

    the last two server I do exactly as stated above, but after I get a proper DHCP address, I add them to the domain reboot, and then give them a static IP, but the static IP can’t ping or surf the net. Again, all the steps work fine with all the other VM’s that I created.

    if I remove the static IP, I then get the Generic dhcp address of 169.x.x.x. I add the static and again nothing. I shut it down, add another NIC and I can get the proper DHCP, but that’s two different NICs, which I don’t want. I shutdown, remove old one and problem starts again.

    Hope I explained that pretty clear.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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