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    I have a small 3 Win2003 server home network and when I set it up I only made one of the machines a DC, I don’t remember why. But anyway, it crashed and I couldn’t recover it. So my question is whats the least painful way to get the network back up and running properly.
    Machine 1 – (Crashed) was the only DC, also had DNS and Exchange running.
    Machine 2 – (Still running) has DNS and a game server running.
    Machine 3 – (Still running) has IIS with a few websites and SQL 2000 running.

    Should I make Machine 2 a DC? Can I since it thinks there’s a DC already? Then give Machine 1 a new name and join it to the network?
    Should I make Machine 1 a new domain and join the other 2 to it? (I’ve re-installed 2003 and its running on the network but its in its own workgroup at the moment. I need to get Exchange and DNS set back up on it) My fear is completely renaming the domain is going to mess with everything that’s currently running on the other 2 machines.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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