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    I’m looking for recommendations on a utility that can do this job properly. I have the following directory structure: D:YEARxxMONTHxxDAYxxCLIENTxxEXPORT. With this type of tree, I need to extract out the EXPORT folder and its contents for every client and move it to a new tree while maintaining the file structure (YEARxxMONTHxxDAYxxCLIENTxxEXPORT). There are other files in the CLIENTxx folders, so the goal is to move just the EXPORT folder, maintaining the hierarchy in the new folder tree, while leaving the old tree intact, minus all the EXPORT folders. We’re talking about 200 GB or so of data and about 1 million files…definitely not a manual task.

    I have a backup program called SyncBack that is fantastic for backup and is supposed to be able to do this, but the file filters keep selecting the wrong folders. I don’t think this should be too difficult, but I’d like to avoid downloading 20 shareware/freeware programs to find one that will get the job done.

    Any recommendations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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