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    We just had a LUN meltdown Monday night that took our Exchange database with it. I wasn’t the genius who set it up like that, but that’s beside the point. After much wrestling, I have managed to reinstall Exchange and it is working, but I have not been able to get OWA working yet. Outlook clients work fine…in fact, my people (important employees) running Outlook where I cache their mailbox lost nothing. My OWA people currently are SOL.

    But anyway, back to my question…I have a fairly recent Exchange IS backup made with NTBackup from a few weeks ago (should be good enough). I know I can restore my entire database with ntbackup, but what I really need is just that edb file so that I can strip out the mailboxes with a utility I have. Anybody know of a way to do this? I tried a utility called BKFRecovery, but it whined about an Exchange database inside and wouldn’t proceed. NTBackup gives me only an all or nothing restore. My restored cached mailboxes have a lot of newer data than my backup, so ntbackup isn’t going to fly here.

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